Coin Recommendation: New Token Added

Be aware cryptocurrency investment are volatile and you need to have patience!

Coin Recommendation
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Kind of investment: mid-long

We have added Devery (EVE) to The New Research Group Coin Recommendations. Devery is a low market cap coin currently at 13.000.000 USD. The supply of the token is relatively low.

The Devery team is Sydney based and focused on providing verification services on the Ethereum network. It is an open-source, blockchain powered verification system aiming to unify separate verification platforms on the Ethereum blockchain.

Devery joined’s Accelerator program last month. JD is China’s largest retailer online and offline and the world’s third largest internet company by revenue. Devery has been selected as’s supply chain tracking partner as part of a list of five promising blockchain startups.

Supply-chain tracking and identity management are fundamental use cases of the blockchain. The participation of a technology behemoth such as is expected to significantly accelerate the development and adoption of such technology.

Devery also partnered up with the United Nation’s World Food Program and the Tunisian Ministry of Education this month to ensure the safe delivery of food to 400,000 school children in North Africa using Devery's blockchain technology.

The EVE token is used to power the Devery verification platform which allows organizations to power the verification of products.

This project is on our follow list, stay tuned!

Where to buy: IDEX; the only trading pair is EVE/ETH
More exchanges should follow coming months. 
Buy up to: 0.30 USD

John Daluso