Daily Market Update by Jake

We have been seeing some sideways action for a while. The bear has been hanging as a cloud above our heads for four months now. This can not, of course, continue forever. 
Making money is all about timing. If you want to make money, you have to do the opposite of the herd. Doing the opposite means buying when others are scared and selling when others are greedy. And remember; the fastest way to end up broke is trying to get rich quickly. You need to have patience. Especially in this market. Only the patient will be rewarded.  

Consolidation time (sideways action) is needed to charge the next bull run. And that is going on now.

Exciting times can be expected now because smart money entered the market. The FUD will clear up, as it always does. The sentiment will change, and KABOOM.

Welcome to crypto.

Happy hodling days 

With love, 

John Daluso