[UPDATE] Bitcoin Daily Update

BTC did what it had to do, and what we predicted yesterday. This is great, for now. 

BTC bounced back up after an inverted H&S formation. We are lucky to see this movement because it confirms the B-corrective wave just started. 

Besides that, BTC is nearly breaking the trendline that started the 6th of february. If it does, sentiment can turn more positive in the coming days. We will update the trendline within a few days, because we first like to see what happens in the coming days. 

We expect that the B-correction follows a common 3-corrective wave, the top probably is somewhere around 11K, but can be higher. 

Predicted Elliot Wave is based on last trend. Due to current market sentiment we do not expect a major boom (like december) within a few weeks. But, we all know crypto, so everything is possible. 

John Daluso