While Everybody Is Freaking Out Again. Prices Still Follow The Trend That Started Late November.

The whole market dipped over the last few days. We saw a lot of panic selling and people asking ´What is happening?´ 'Are we in a dip again?' 'And is this the end, again.' Most of these people only read headlines and turn other people crazy with the FUD they spread. We did some analysis today and find out that we are still in the trend that started late november. All projects that we analysed are still within the boundaries of the trend. Indeed, they are at low levels, and they can  break-out under the trend, but if you put everything in perspective there is nothing to worry about.

If we take a look at the december break-out, we can only conclude that that was very unhealthy. The market had to correct to establish a healthy environment. If prices soar at lower speed this year we can label it as healthy growth. We said it a thousand times already, but a stabile market takes time to develop.  

John Daluso