[ALERT] Status (SNT)

This project placed a classic five wave up move as shown in below chart (blue waves). Elliott Waves states that after five waves, there is a requisite a,b,c correction. To that end, SNT has made a very crisp three wave retracement. The key is as to whether price is ready to start a reversal with a new impulse trajectory. Give the action of the MACD, We added the white impulse waves with an initial target of $0.58 or so. 

The SNT/BTC pair is looking promising. Price is sitting right at the doorsteps of the apex of the pattern (point where the two triangle lines intersect). There are times where the price just walks past the apex and still goes sideways before rising, but I find that unlikely. The a,b,c,d,e waves of the triangle also seem complete. The next step should be a reversal! We added the blue impulse waves with a target of 4,721 Satoshi.

Break out for SNT is expected soon!

Buy up to: $0.35
Target: $0.58
Buy on: Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, Bitfinex

John Daluso