The current correction is a perfect time to buy

At one point in the near future, the market will reverse. We don't know when, but we are certain this day will come, as it always does. Again, the fundamentals are stronger than ever. But, it takes time before all big parties filled their bags. The lightning network and an ETF for Bitcoin are coming close. 

Corrections have happened many times before. I personally experienced the crashes of 2013, 2014 and 2017, and I'm still holding strong. 

Buy (and hold) is the strategy for now. When others are depressed and angry we have to take action. Now is the perfect time to buy. 

I have added six perfect buying opportunities
Vechain VEN
Stellar lumens XLM
Litecoin LTC

Be strong, this storm shall pas to. Crypto’s are here to stay! 

With love, 



John Daluso