There Is No Reason To Panic

At the moment of writing the total market cap is hovering around its month low at 322 billion. We received a lot of concerning e-mails about the market situation. Are we in a bear market again? Why do we drop so low? What is happening? You guys said the next bull run would start the 14th of may! Etc. etc. We feel you guys, but there is no need to worry.  Last week we get so many new confirmations that the market will be huge. Coinbase, Ledger, and Nomura announced custody products, and today news came in that a Germany stock exchange wants to launch bitcoin products. Seriously, big boys are preparing to enter the market.

But, big boys possess competencies most of the home retail investors don´t have: 
- Patience
- Big bags of money (so they do not care about some short-term, but extremely risky, profits) 

Especially hedge funds and VC's really do not care about current market volatility. They will enter the game for the long-term and huge gains. Hedge funds and VC's do not invest in ´good tokens', they invest in companies that have real-life use cases. They only invest in tokens that will change the world forever. These parties are not searching for some quick bucks. They do not care about main net releases, listings, announcement or other unnecessary events that currently drive prices. Big boys research the market, talk with teams and look at possible use cases. At the other hand, they need good platforms so that they can actually trade. Currently, platforms for big boys do not exist. But, as said before, that will change soon. When custodian products proof safety and usability, big money will (actively) enter the market. It is just a matter of time, all signals (even from the government) point in the right direction. 

So, what caused current market? The answer is very simple: impatience and short-sightedness. People believed the market was going vertical last week, it didn't happen, they freaked and sold. Yep, what always happens when people do not see the bigger picture. It's one of the characteristics of this young and very small market. 

For now, it can be a good moment to accumulate the tokens you do not earn yet. Of course, prices can go lower but they can also go higher. We do not know what tomorrow will bring us. The only thing we know is that the long-term will bring us huge gains, even if you pay 30 cents to much at this moment. In our updated watch list a lot of projects have a 'buy advice'.  

With love, Martin

John Daluso