Project to Follow: Victor

Last weekend we attended the NEO Amsterdam event where several projects presented their idea's. In our opinion, one project stands out. The project is called Victor and launches on the NEO blockchain. The Victor project is unveiled last Saturday, so we are early.


Victor is founded by Rodger Buyvoets. Rodger has over 15 years experience in e-Commerce and CEO and Co-founder of Crobox. Crobox creates shopper profiles that are based on consumer psychology and AI to drive online performance and purchase intent on leading eCommerce webshops such as Vodafone, Dyson, Under Armour, Ikea and Asics. 

At this moment 97% of website visitors do not convert. So just 3% of online shoppers buy something. Besides that, 42% of consumers deleted their cookies last month and this month new rules come into force that states that people can be forgotten online. So, it will be even harder for companies to collect data and find buyers for their product.

This is where Victor comes in. Victor is developed with the vision that eCommerce will evolve around digital identity. It is not the consumer that searches for a product, but the product that searches for the consumer.


Victor will be the platform where consumers ''own'' their shopping data on the blockchain. It will be the only profile you need for hundreds of webshops. The time of filling in your sizes will be history. Dozens of passwords will be history. Irrelevancy will be history. 
Victor will be the one-stop-place for all your data and gives you incentives for using it. By using Victor your earn VCTR (token) that you can spend in webshops around the world. This is a thank you for sharing data with brands. 

At the other side, merchants also take advantage of Victor. Because Victor is powered by the consumer the data is very usefull in creating a very personalized shopping experience. Merchants will have higher conversion and less returns what results in happier consumers and lower costs. 

If Victor technically makes it, the project will be huge. Luckily, Victor is powered by Crobox' very capable team with a lot of big companies backing them.

Victor will be released as a mobile app, browser extension, and desktop app, and is currently in development, due for release in Q4 of this year. 

We will keep you posted on the project. 

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