Market Update: A Lot Of Good News

Be aware cryptocurrency investments are volatile and you need to have patience!

If you owned Verge this week, I hope you sold it at our Sell Alert at around 11 cents. We did expect a drop after the announcement because Verge was way to overhyped. And it happened. Again.
Nevertheless, I am really surprised by the announcement because Pornhub is a big ''real-life'' party. Marketing wise it is great for Verge, but the deal cost Verge around 7 million USD. That is a lot of money for brand awareness however the goal is clear: getting more people to use Verge. Maybe it will happen, Verge is a privacy token and privacy still is one of the most important things for porn-consumers. I will keep a close eye on Verge, they can surprise us again. For now, I am not investing. 

These are two important updates you need to know today

XP Investimentos, Brazil's Largest Investment Company, Is Researching The Possibilities Of OTC
Brazil's Largest Investment company XP Investimentos is researching the possibilities of opening an over the counter (OTC) exchange. OTC is off-exchange trading and means that two parties directly buy (or sell) from each other. The advantage is that this not affects the price of the asset you buy. OTC is used for huge amounts only. 

As I always say, the market need institutional investors to become sustainable. But, institutional investors are not investing via Binance. These guys like to have the best prices and trade millions of dollars. So, an OTC platform is the perfect place for them. Although XP Investimentos is only looking at the possibilities right now, it is a huge signal that more and more parties are preparing to trade cryptocurrencies. It can take a year before this OTC platform opens, but the interest itself is enough to confirm cryptocurrencies are on the radar. 

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Brave browser partners with Dow Jones Media Group

Dow Jones Media Group has partnered with Brave browser (Basic Attention Token) to experiment with a blockchain content delivery system.  I think this is a pretty cool announcement because this is an example of real-life value of blockchain. Brave and Dow Jones Media Group are going to test content delivery via the blockchain. Pretty cool, because content delivery on the blockchain can be a huge advantage for media publishers, in the near future. And that is a huge market. Besides that, it is good to see that Dow Jones Media Group choose an existing blockchain instead of developing a blockchain on their own. Real use cases are super important to blockchain projects because it gives the projects real-life value.

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Tomorrow we fly to London to join the Matrix Meet-up. Stay Tuned! We will keep you updated.  

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P.s. like 10 minutes ago marketcap settled at 350B ! It is a signal that positive sentiment is on our side! 

John Daluso