Coin Recommendation: New Token Added

This project is trying to make the ICO space safer and more transparent. Be aware cryptocurrencies are volatile and you need to have patience!

We have added Zilla (ZLA) to The New Research Group Coin Recommendations.

Zilla is trying to create a safer and more transparent ICO space. They let you safely and easily participate in a token sale on their platform. Zilla has a market cap of just 10 million USD, so there is allot of room for growth. Circulating Supply is also looking promising, currently just: 38.466.654 ZLA

Use-case ZLA token
The more ZLA tokens you hold, the more airdrops you get. ICOs on Zilla will attract investors by sending them airdrops ZLA token. You will then be able to use those tokens in any way that you like, such as participate in ICOs or to purchase products on Zilla. The more ICOs that you participate in, and the more ZLA token that you have, the more airdrops that you will receive. 

Key futures of the Zilla Platform
No Difficult Wallets
The Zilla app has a very easy to use yet robust multi cryptocurrency wallet.

No Fake ETH Addresses
When investing in an ICO, simply input the amount and press 'GET TOKEN'. They automatically have the crypto address on their backend which reduces mistakes and scams.

No Slack scams
They will provide a secure chat functionality so that you can communicate directly with the teams.

No Opaque Teams
Easily learn about team members at a glance, and click their social links to do further due diligence. Upvote and downvote team members.

No Website Spoofing
A popular technique that scammers use, is to copy an ICO website to steal your cryptocurrency. They made the Zilla mobile app to completely avoid this method of attack used by hackers.

No tolerance for scams
They have a ZERO tolerance for scams on their platform. Full KYC on all Teams on ZILLA.

Buy on: Huobi
Buy up to: 0.30 USD
Kind of investment: Mid-long

This project is on our follow list, stay tuned!

John Daluso