Quick Market update!

Whooah guys, what is happening? Why do we see a rebound?

To be honest? Nothing is really happening. It is just normal market behaviour. It has nothing to do with all the SEC hassle around. People invest, take profit and leave the market because they think the market will drop (or wait for a rebound to re-invest). In our opinion, we do not expect a major drop soon. 

As we speak, the latest preparations for the Blockchain Week are in full progress. New York will host 24(!) events about blockchain next week. One event, in particular, will get the most attention: Consensus. At Consensus, there will be a lot of speakers talking about real-life implementations. Speakers from banks, governments, investment firms and of course Cryptocurrency projects. There will be a lot of industry announcements, so expect a lot of good news in the upcoming week. Of course, we will keep you up to date.

For now, it can be a good moment to accumulate. Normally the market spikes after Consensus because of the massive media attention it gets. 

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John Daluso