Smart Trader Program©

Ideal for people who need some guidance in these extreme volatile market.

This is what we offer when you start

- Access to our Platform and Telegram channel, where we share: 
- Trade Alerts & Sell Alerts
- Coin recommendation reports
- Fundamental Analysis & ICO reviews
- In-depth opinions and updates about the market   
- Access to our knowledge base
- Advice via WhatsApp, Telegram or Chat (6 and 12 months only

Why are we a great choice?
- We full-time research the market and follow our own advice (so if you win, we win) 
- We have contact with blockchain projects around the world
- We attend events weekly
- We only advice projects with good fundamentals
- We will never advice hyped projects

And last but not least... 
In April we shared 11 Alerts with an average profit percentage of 47% (short term)
Our long term opportunities are all in profit.  

Still not convinced? Read reviews from other Smart Traders!


Pay with cryptos:
6 months
- 0.02BTC or 0.3ETH

Pay with cryptos:
12 months
- 0.03BTC or 0.50ETH