How do we determine risk?

First of all, we full-time research the market for years now. So, we dare to see we have some serious experience. Next to that, we use proven research methods used by big companies. These methods are used to find the fundamental value of projects based on 5 pillars:

A. Real life value of project
B. Disruptiveness
C. Team and advisory board (with validity check) 
D. Competitors
E. Project stage and approach

These 5 pillars are analysed with several research method and also includes team interviews. It is the most objective way to research resulting in very good insights in projects.

What is the value of the Smart Trader Program?

- We full time research the market and give you necessary updates when needed
- We give extended token recommendations based on fundamental analysis (till now, all recommendations are in a profit)
- We tell you when a project has a good buy-in or profit opportunity (trade alerts) 
- We do ICO reviews
- You are very well informed and take profit of full-time research
- You can talk with us via WhatsApp, Telegram or chat

Which channels do you use for the program?

- We share the information on our online Smart Trader Dashboard  
- Important notifications via Telegram and e-mail
- Talk with us via WhatsApp, Telegram and chat

Risk profiles:
low risk projects score extremely high in our fundamental research and are therefore most likely to succeed.  
Low-Medium: projects with a low-medium score relative high in our fundamental research, but there are some concerns they need to accomplish
Medium-High: projects with a medium-high score lower than other projects or miss some validation  
low fundamental score without transparency resulting in bad validation. These projects have a high chance to fail, but give a very high ROI possibility