We Told You Matrix Is A Good One!

We started discussing Matrix in our Smart Trader Program at the beginning of March, it was hoovering around 75 cents, as we speak it is around 1.60USD (2.1X) 

At the 12th of April we forecasted that MAN was going to sign a deal with One Belt One Road project and that is was going to be listed on bigger exchanges. We all know that Matrix signed this deal and that it will be listed on CoinEgg and Hadax (sub division of Huobi) this week.

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We Shared This With Our Premium Members The 12th Of April

We started writing about Matrix (MAN) early
march. MAN is a project that has very good opportunities to be one of the big winners in the crypto space. We really suggest to read our fundamental analysis on MAN back in march [CLICK HERE].

Today we found new strong signals that MAN is on track to become a huge player. 

A new rumor is floating around that MAN has accomplished a partnership with the One Belt and One Road initiative (OBOR). OBOR is the biggest economic initiatives the world has ever seen. Its a development strategy proposed by the Chinese government that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian (EU & ASIA) countries. 

MAN should be the exclusive blockchain and AI partner for this project. 

“They are the sole blockchain and AI partner for the National Government commissioned Research and Development Center. Matrix will act as an enterprise incubator and will be the only blockchain project adopted by companies which pursue OBOR goals with the center. The national government has put aside trillions to pour into belt and road projects and have recently invested $2.1 billion in an AI research park in Beijing. A perfect combination. It’s a certainty that many international contracts both between governments of different countries and companies of different countries will be signed as a result of this partnership.” 

John Zhu who is Matrix’s SVP of their Ecosystem not only has government ties, but has been assigned to facilitate the AI and blockchain initiatives for OBOR.

Exchanges should follow the coming months. 

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