This Guy Is Living The Dream Because Of Cryptocurrencies

Jason (UK), 28 years old, started investing in cryptocurrencies early 2017. ´When I sold my 1.000.000 XVGs at 21 cents, I decided to follow my dreams: traveling around the world with my girl.´ Jason is, as we speak, at the Maldives. I already went to France, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Hong Kong. His next stop? ´I really do not know, we live on a day-to-day basis. I still earn money anyway, so we can stay away as long as we like´

'At the time I started, I had a pretty good job at a multinational. I was doing alright and I earned okay. But, al these stories start the same; your paycheck is a short-term pleasure. When I was on my way to work, on another rainy day, the only thing I thought of was true freedom.´

It was a rainy, typical English day when a friend introduced Jason to the blockchain. 'My buddy told me about investing in cryptocurrencies, I directly was interested. I have studied Economics, so I know a lot about the 90s and 00ś, cryptocurrencies sounded like an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.´

Jason is one of the participants in our Smart Trader Program.

The first trade Jason made was buying 1.000.000 Verge for 138(!) USD. ´It was really just a try out buy, I searched something really cheap.´ Jason did not sell, till.. 'I decided that Verge was a symbolical trade and I had to hold them. All symbolical thoughts came to an end when Verge hit 21 cents. My 138USD investment turned into 210.000 USD. What would you do?' Jason sold and quit his job. 'I decided to quit my job and surprised my girl with an open ticket for Christmas. She knew about my ´cryptocurrency-thing´  but never listened as I told about it.´ 

If you think that Jason is left with Fiat, you are wrong. ´I invested in many projects during 2017. Every month I took a 1000USD stake in another project. I bought 500 NEO's at 8USD and still hold them.´

During his trip Jason still makes money. ´I follow your advise guys, I do not want to research all day anymore. If I can cash out 3K a month we can do what we want.' Does he achieve his goals? ´A part of my portfolio, around 10K is used for short-term trades. If you have a good opportunity I buy. Yesterday I sold 5K matrix for almost 9.000 USD, I paid under 4.000 USD. Matrix is in my long-term portfolio anyway, but the profit I took is a 2-month travel budget.´ 

Jason's advise? 'Of course, I have to advise your Smart Trader Program. I can swim with turtles, party with my girlfriend, dive or do cultural things and I only have to check my phone 3 times a day. If you send out a good opportunity, I follow. O, and you need to have patience. Set your target and just wait.´

Do you like to follow Jason? ´I have an Instagram channel with a lot of followers, but I love my privacy. My followers do not know I trade cryptos, so I am not going to share my channel name ;-).´ 

Jason is a participant in our Smart Trader Program. Do you also chase your dreams? 

Jason loves his privacy, so we changed his real name.  

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