The Fundamentals Are Almost Perfect, But Still Everybody is Depressed

We Told You About The Market Cycle Before 

The market we are in today is a reaction to the extremely euphoric market we had a few months ago. Over the last months, people lost hope and see dark clouds above the market. A smart investor sells high and buys in the current market. If a smart investor misses the peak, he will definitely not sell during a correction. So called weak hands, buy when the market is booming and sell when the market corrects ''to prevent further losses''. As you can imagine smart investors make money, weak hands lose. It is that simple. 

If you look at the right, most probably we are now somewhere between anger and disbelief. Let's hope we are now in the depression, because then the bear market will soon end. The current market is the result of huge manipulation and results in desperate decisions. The future of blockchain, and so cryptocurrencies, looks very bright. Don't lose faith, it will be the worst decision you make. 

Extreme Positive Things Are Working Out

So maybe you think: ''the current correction can go lower, so if I short I can buy back at a lower price?'' It can indeed go lower, but nobody knows when,  how or what exactly is going to happen. If you sell now, and the market sentiment turns positive you sold at the lowest point and there is no way back.

In this kind of market the best thing you can do is is look at the bright side. Research  external factors that manipulate the market before doing something stupid. We are very bullish on the market because we know there are extreme good things on their way. EXTREME GOOD THINGS. When these things play out, the current market will be history in moments. 

First of all, a little recap of what happened over the last months. The current situation is caused mainly because of the extreme bull market in December and January. People blindly bought projects until some big boys started dumping their bags during the peak. A reaction from new money was following the big boys to prevent losses. In small markets this triggers a knock-on effect. On top of that governments started discussions about the market and caused massive panic sell-offs. Cryptocurrencies lost trust and new people stayed away. We all have that uncle: ''I told you so, it was a bubble.'' 
Because of low trust, the subject ''Bitcoin or Cryptos'' lost momentum. So there is an overall negative sentiment. 

Because of all this negativity people completely miss what is really happening. Hedge funds, institutional investors, banks, huge companies, governments are all preparing themselves for the blockchain. This is not speculative, this is not FUD, this is not a conspiracy, this is the truth. The big players are entering the market while 90% of the people miss the bigger picture. 

Normally the market works a little different 

With normal stocks, during IPO, first the big boys like hedge funds, banks and institutional investors fill their bags. Again, this is not speculative, this is just history. Look at the graph below. 


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As we all know, Bitcoin as it all started, is a big F U to the existing system of banks and governments. It was the decentralized philosophy where the power is to the people instead of the big boys. No big player could imagine what this technique was going to bring. No big player jumped in early. It is exactly like the huge rise of tech during the 90's, where society jumped in and smart money left behind. Until the media, governments, banks and other big boys caused a sell of by spreading fear. During the correction, the big boys jumped into the market and that was the starting point of the normal phases taking place. Just like what is happening now. At this moment, big players are preparing their ships to make so much money in the coming decades. And the fun fact is, the public will help them. As soon as the bags of big players are loaded, we will see rising prices. Society will read headlines of ''new opportunities'' in the cryptocurrency market. And we know what happens next, the public will start buy big time. Seriously, we dare to say that the cryptocurrency market will be a trillion, maybe a multi-trillion dollar market at the end of this year. Definitely.

You maybe think? What are the indicators, what are the sources. Read this article. 

John Daluso