Talent to watch: This Guy Knows Everything About Technical Analysis

We are always on the look for new talents, but sometimes someone stands out. Today we are talking about Jake. Jake is fulltime daytrader, with his own Telegram channel where he provides free information. We like to tell you his story. 

Before Jake made cryptocurrencies his income, he studied Economics. It was early 2013 when Jake learned about cryptocurrencies, ironically enough because he worked for a big bank. ''At that moment Bitcoin was around 100 USD.'' Jake told us. ''During that period everybody told me bitcoin was shit and the biggest bubble ever.''
''After hours of research and nights without sleep, I decided to quit my job. Everybody told me I was an idiot''.

Jake told us it was the best thing he ever did, although he will nobody recommend it. ''Day trading is difficult, it takes money to learn, time to practice and years to success. I've already done it. I can't say it was not a success because it clearly was, it changed my family's life!.'' Jake recommends people to do proper research and network to spot the best investment. ''This also takes a lot of time. This is what I do nowadays, and combined with the appropriate analysis, it will save people's money, time and will avoid for sure headaches.'' Indeed, Jake shares his knowledge with the world. For free. On his own Telegram channel that has over 3000 members. The only thing Jake ask is to share and spread the word with friends. ''Everybody will win as fortunately, we're the first 1% to be in the cryptocurrency space. 

And how about the results? We have to be honest, they are good. Jake shared Ethereum classic with his friends and family at around 2USD (peaked at 45USD) and ARK at 8000 satoshi (peaked at 106000 satoshi). On his open channel he recommended BCPT at 2000 sat before it peaked at 16000 sat and a lot of other tokens before the mass bull run. ''I have an eye for spotting the right moment to enter'' Jake said. 

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