If Your Friends Are Afraid To Invest, Tell Them This


  1.  Blockchain is like the internet in the 90s
    While most of the readers were still a little kid, there were huge investment opportunities. If you invested just 1000 dollars in Apple in 1990, it is now worth almost 2 million dollars. If you invested 1000 dollars in Amazon during their IPO you are now sitting on 11.311.714,30 dollars. In the 90s nobody really knew what to expect from the internet, it was not accessible and nobody could imagine what it was going to bring. The same appears to blockchain industry. It looks very complex, but everybody talks about it. The biggest difference between internet in the 90s and blockchain now, is that we have all information at our fingertips because of the internet. The world is connected, so developments can be implemented a lot faster. We expect that 1000 dollars now, can be worth 2 million dollars in just 5 years, because of the huge growth potential and available technologies that support it. 

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2. The current total market capitalization is 60% smaller than Apple and 197 times smaller than all stocks in the world
The massive bull run in December resulted in a total market cap of 834B at the 8th of January. Ironically at that point, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies together was still smaller than Apple (883,94B). After the huge sell of the market cap did get back to 350B dollars. That means that Apple is 2.5X the value of all cryptocurrencies together. Seriously, the current market of cryptocurrencies is extremely smart in terms of the world economy, while it is one of the most spoken topics nowadays. IF the cryptocurrency market gets to a market cap of 1 trillion only (like 69 times smaller than all stocks together) you will make a 2.85X profit. Imagine what your profit is when the market cap hits 5 trillion dollars! Cryptocurrencies and ICO's most probably will be like a small stock market and gives companies so many possibilities in financing their business idea's that we dare to say that this market is just getting started and regulations will help to make it huge. 

3. Governments, banks and huge businesses are very interested in the blockchain industry, but at this moment they are still doing research how to implement it
Over the last months, there was a lot of negativity coming from governments. People feared that governments were going to ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But the opposite is true: governments are very interested in blockchain technology because it can make their country resistant to huge hacks, more transparent and more efficient. The last G20 meet-up also confirmed this. But the biggest winners from blockchain technology will be banks and corporates. Banking via the blockchain is resistant to hacks, cheaper and faster. Corporates benefit from an extremely accurate way of chain supply management, lower costs and more efficiency. 

4. Cryptocurrencies are very cheap at this moment, with a little bit of money you can make a fortune. As we mentioned earlier, the cryptocurrency market is small. So, you can pick up a lot of cryptocurrencies for a bargain. Most of the projects had a drop of over 70% since December, so with some proper research, you definitely are going to see huge gains. 

5. At this moment only retail investors (average joe) are in the market, but institutional money is on its way
90% of the money in the market is invested by average Joe. That is really a great thing because that means that smart money is not involved yet. Smart money is money from insurance companies, hedge funds, and big traders. That kind of companies can invest huge amounts of money and will result in massive growth in market cap. Before these companies will enter the market we first need to see regulations, because it offers a kind of security. Most probably the first plans of regulations will follow in July because the G20 meeting set a deadline. 


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