These Goals Are Achieved By Our Trader Alex

We all trade with a goal in mind. The goal to have a million dollars, a new car, dream marriage or your own house. Our trader Alex had the goal to make money by going long. “I did not achieve my goals... I made ten times more.” 

Alex is one of the guys doing research for us. He is in the market since 2013 and follows the market everyday. “It is a 24/7 business model, I decided to go long, so that I do not have to stress because of trades.” Alex tells he never do day trades. “If we find some short term opportunities with the team, I follow them. But daytrading has a to high work load for me.” “This market will be huge, why would I stress all day if I also can have some patience?” Alex pays his bills with cryptocurrency earnings every month. “My strategy is pretty simple, we (as a team) research the market every day, if we find a true jam I buy.” The amount of money that Alex invest depends. “My best trade last year was investing 20K in NEO (Antshares) at 4USD.  I still hold them.” Alex thinks the pearls we found this year can have the same parabolic growth as NEO last year. “From the start of the year untill now we found some serious winners. These projects can excel. I think the project we shared last week is one of them. I invested 10K.”

But, Alex’s story was not a path paved with roses. “I bought 10 bitcoins in June 2013. I don't know the exact price, but it was hoovering around 120 dollars. I also bought 500 litecoins for around 2USD.” Total investment 2500USD for 10BTC and 500LTC. Current value: 179.500USD.

“2013 was a strange year for BTC, just like nowadays. It shot up to 200 dollars in october.” Alex sold.  “LTC shot up to 10 dollars.” Alex sold. Total value: 7000USD. And then something weird occured. “In just weeks BTC shot up to 1000USD, LTC to 35USD. I made a mistake and bought back. At ATH.” “You all can imagine the end of this story.. A Major crash. I was sitting (if I did not sell) at 27.500USD.” Alex ended with 5BTC and 57LTC. “When the market dipped I decided to do nothing. I already lost 20K (in my mind) so be it. But I kept studying that strange blockchain thing and decided to invest a part of my salary every month.” It worked out pretty well. Alex’s job is researching te market and he pays the bills with his cryptocurrencies. “I still own those 5BTC and 57LTC. They are symbolic to me.”  

Todays lesson; choose the right projects and have patience. “O. BTW. I do swing trades. If I buy a project that looks good and it shoots up 30-100% in several days, I definitely sell. But those tokens are then part of my short term portfolio, if these projects excel from that point I don’t care. My strategy already worked out, so it is fine.” 

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Historical chart of the market in June 2013. 

Historical chart of the market in June 2013. 

John Daluso