Why This Is A Great Period To Invest Your Money

While everybody is panicking because Bitcoin is not back at 20.000USD, yet we see huge opportunities in the current market situation. Let's discuss some key points why now is a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Governments recognize the huge opportunities of the Blockchain more and more
While people are panicking because of another ´scary' headline about regulations, 90% of these people are missing the bigger picture - the advantages of the blockchain that will change the world forever. Opposite of what everybody thinks, governments are definitely not negative about the blockchain. In fact, they are fighting each other to become the ´crypto capital' of the world. Blockchain is the next big thing and has huge advantages in efficiency, cost-reduction and accuracy. Besides that, it will bring so much employment opportunities, that no government in  wants to miss these big opportunities. 



Regulations will not be as bad as everybody thinks
A lot of people think that regulations are a bad thing. They think regulations will kill cryptocurrency investment opportunities and the market will have a very bad end. In fact, we need regulations to develop a sustainable market. Without regulations the market will stay wild-west like it is nowadays. People are losing money to bad ICO's and projects that lack application. As long as this happens, the market will stay unstable. And a stable market is important to get the big players in.

Besides that, all 'scary' headlines about lockdowns need to be nuanced. In the upcoming G20 meetup the primary focus will be AML (Anti Money Laundering) and anti-terrorism measurements.
The blockchain need users, miners and people that host nodes in order to establish its decentralized character. When governments react with to stringent regulations this sector will die in silence and all great advantages of technology are gone. 
Banning or locking down trading is the last thing governments will do. 

This is what a Japanese official has to say about the upcoming G20 meet-up.  

´The trick would be to apply regulations to protect consumers and prevent illicit activity, without stifling innovation in the fast-growing crypto-currency and fintech sectors, the Japanese officials said.'

"The general feeling among the G20 members is that applying too stringent regulations won't be good," an official was quoted as saying. 

The Consensus event starts the 14th of may and is bigger than ever
In our article a few days ago we discussed that the next bull run most probably will start the 14th of may. At that date the Consensus event is hosted. The Consensus event brings huge companies, investors and blockchain projects together. It is an interesting event in the first place and we expect a lot of positive chatter, new investors and cool announcements. This will unveil new people, and so money, entering the market for sure. 

Last but not least, there is blood in the streets
Financial market legend and 19th-century banker Nathan Rothschild once allegedly declared...

"The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets."

As the story goes, Rothschild used this contrarian approach to amass a fortune.

Waren Buffett used the same investment strategy and is now the third wealthiest person in the world sitting on around 90.8 billion dollars (or 25% of the current total cryptocurrency market). 

The strategy is pretty simple. When market sentiment is bad and stocks (or crypto's) suffer major dips it is the right time to buy because you do the opposite of the mass. Investing in bad times has lower risks than when their is euphoria in the market because you most probably then buy the hype. 

If you know friends that are waiting for the right moment to invest, that moment could be now! ;-) 

So, what to buy? 
The coming weeks, we will unveil jams that at least 4X when the market sentiment turns positive. That will turn your 1000USD investment into 4000USD within a few months. 

John Daluso