Some Perspective In Current Bear Market

With the huge dip, you maybe think that all perspective is gone and that this is the end of cryptocurrencies. 
But, the huge opportunities of blockchain technology are still the same. Nothing fundamental changed since december 2017. The huge sell-of is caused by new money that is scarred of all the news. 
The funny thing, governments are more and more aware of the huge opportunities of blockchain technology, but they don't know how they are going to implement it. Banks banning everything is because things did get out of the hand. It maybe looks all black, but everything will be fine, as always. Get over the dip, think of the future, it will be huge. 

To get trough the hard times, we have some positive notes for you that bring perspective. Patience is key in a bear market.  

Some positive notes


Samsung Enters the Bitcoin Mining ASIC Manufacturing Business.
Perspective: Samsung, one of the biggest companies in the world, enter the ASIC Mining industry. Do you think they even start if a market has no future? 

Peach to be Japan’s First Airline to Accept Bitcoin
Peach follows at least 10,000 other corporations in Japan that are either currently or have implemented plans to accept cryptocurrency for products and services.
Perspective: look at the numbers, this Airline is an early adopter, but there are 10.000 other corporations that will follow implementing cryptocurrencies. It's only a matter of time. 

South Korea’s Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon spoke positively about the potential for Blockchain, saying that “Blockchain technology can disrupt and revolutionize the world.” 
“Blockchain technology is an important technological breakthrough to fuel the fourth industrial revolution and as such, the ministry will take a cautious approach in regulating the cryptocurrency market. For negative use cases of cryptocurrencies, the ministry will impose strict regulations.”

South Korea Discusses Cryptocurrency Policies With China’s Central Bank
Perspective: South Korea is positive, China looks negative, but this is only because they don't have legalisation for blockchain technology. China is very protective and searching ways to implement blockchain within their society.  South Korea's Finance Ministers sharing his toughts can bring up good idea's to the Chinese government. 

European Commission Opens Blockchain Observatory and Forum
The EU wants to be the ´place-to-be´ for blockchain technology. This will give everything related to blockchain great opportunities in Europe. And, as we all know, 95% of blockchain projects is funded by cryptocurrencies. Killing cryptocurrencies will kill technology. Europe is aware of this and is definitly not going to ban cryptocurrencies. 

Huge opportunities

Hedge Fund Billionaire Mike Novogratz to Launch Crypto Merchant Bank
This is already around since december, but Teeka Tiwari mentioned it again. Mike Novogratz will start with his cryptocurrency hedgdefund this year. He planned to start in december, but stated the market was to bullish at that moment, nobody wants that customers enter when a market is at his peak. He then predicted that bitcoin would be 40.000USD this year, but it would first crash to at least 8000USD. And that happend. Mike is just waiting for a good entry point.

The Ontario Securities Commission has approved Canada's first blockcain exchange-traded fund (ETF), which is set to launch on the Toronto Stock Exchange next week.
Do we need to say more? 

Goldman Is Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk
In fact, they already have one. But, some experts think that Goldman Sachs are planning to open up a platform for huge traders only. This are traders such as instutional investors that bring billions of dollars to the market. 

Bittrex Exchange USD Exchange, Reopening of New User Accounts
As an answer to the USDT fud, Bittrex will add USD pairs. Besides that they will reopen accounts for new users, this can bring, again, new money into the market. 

RobinHood will open very soon with 1 million users in their waiting que
1 million users are waiting to buy cryptocurrency, 1 million! 

O, and the predictions. 
- CNBC’s Ran Neuner Says Bitcoin Will End 2018 At $50,000
- Clif High 64K in April  
- Teeka Tiwari: 350K at the end of this year
- Mike Novogratz 40K at the end of the year

P.S. these people still think the predictions come out! 

John Daluso