Cryptosexism; is it a problem that women do not participate yet....

American research shows that 95% of the cryptocurrency community consists of men. Not a big surprise because speculation is for men. Luckily, there is always the leveling step to make it a problem.


When looking at the amount of bitcoins that are owned by women, the percentage is just 2%. Women who have cryptos are therefore small runners. You could accept that, because men and women have different interests, but it is 2018 and so some people have officially declared cryptocurrencies sexist.

In America, special websites must ensure that women also gamble with cryptos. These websites have remarkably enough unmagnified names such as The Bitcoin Wife and Crypto-Moms. Founder Rocky DeLucenay of Crypto Moms blames the lack of participation of women in the "boyish-mannered way of communicating within the crypto world." According to her, a cultural change is needed to turn hostility and destructiveness into trust and mutual respect. "

Also in Holland it is easy; On the recently organized Day Of The Crypto in the RAI, the only women present were flyers. After a good search, the NOS managed to pull one Elke Storm (28) in front of the microphone. "I think it's pretty exciting, I started with fifty euros, and I usually buy a year-end lock, so this seemed like a good alternative", she says in an extremely interesting interview: Do you know where the male-female ratio is 95: 5 is at the garbage collection service.

John Daluso