No Fear And Patience Is Key. All Bad Things Are Temporarily

Owning crypto with real life value product is like owning stock of AT&T in the 20’s YES your reading it well, 1920. The time the time that doctors subscribed sigarets for a sore throat. AT&T at that time was bringing sound to Hollywood, nowadays it connects America and has a revenue of 161 billion dollars per year.

Then, Ron Wayne, the designer of the first Apple Logo. 12 days after he signed his ownership with Jobs and Wozniak, he sold all his shares (10% of Apple) for 800USD. The reason? Ron was scared that the 15.000USD loan, Apple needed, to produce computers was a to high risks. At this moment, 10% of Apple shares is worth 85,7 billion dollars.

And you know that guy that bought one pizza for 10.000 bitcoins? That pizza cost him 100.000.000USD. !@$%* up right?

It took AT&T years to be number 9 on the Fortune-500 list. It took Apple 42 years to become number 3. Bitcoins value was under a dollar when it started, now, only 9 years later it is worth 10.000USD. Technology is accelerating, so will blockchain. Current volatilty is because governments, companies and media are recognizing the real life value. However, they don’t know how it will be integrated yet.

The morality of above stories is that people are to scared or do not have patience. Blockchain will be the biggest revolution after internet. All bad news is temporarily.

We do fundamental research on a lot of projects. Based on the use of several business models, also used by big companies, we give projects a score from 0-100. The higher the score, the lower the risk.

John Daluso