You Don't Have To Freak Out Every Dip. Not Even If It Is A 47% dip.

The huge bull-run in December was bad for the market and caused the correction that all hitted us. But, if we look back at the charts we can exactly tell you what happened every single dip in 2017, and yes we really see a trend.

Let's take the charts for serious and let it be a lesson for all of us. There will be a new bull market, for sure. 

The 5th of January 2017
Bitcoin Crashed at all time high 1161 to 889USD (23%). Mainstream Media published about it.

The 22th of April towards the 25th of May
Bitcoin did a home-run from 1216USD to a new all-time high of 2625USD. Just before it dipped to 2110USD (20% drop)

The 22th of April towards the 20th of June
Because of the home-run, new money entered the market. Total market cap followed Bitcoin, so the drop of the 25th of may resulted in a drop of the total market. But, new money floated in again (a lot of people saw the extreme movement of cryptocurrencies and just waited till for a good buy in opportunity. But, at this time, because of the 'high' price of Bitcoin, people choose for altcoins. 

The facts
- The total marketcap grew from 29 billion to 115 billion in just one month. 
- BTC dominance dropped from 66,85% till 37,27%. Bitcoin price was at 2691USD. 

If Bitcoin loses dominance it means the altcoin market is growing. Most of the time caused by new money that is coming in. The issue with new money is that they follow hypes instead of  proper research. So, the market did go up 4X in a month, because of FOMO. This is dangerous. 

The market was very bullish 

Bitcoin loses dominance 

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20th of June towards the 16th of July. 
In this period we saw an extreme correction. Because of a lot of new money, media started discussing bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Mainstream media warned for a bubble. Smart investors (who entered the market in an early stage) took profit by selling their altcoins. New money sold for a lower price than they bought so they lost a lot of money, while smart people bought in for low prices. 

The facts 
- A major correction occurred, the market lost 44% of the value (from 115billion to 63billion). 
- BTC dominance grew from 37% towards 50%. BTC looks safe to a lot of people. 

Early investors took profit causing a huge crash, and putted their money into BTC. Because of low trading volume (FEAR) the market entered a bear-market. 

Huge correction till the 16th of July

16th of July - 8th of December
We saw a lot of positive movement in the market. But, after the summer holidays there was a lot of FUD about China (people tought China was going to ban cryptos). This caused the, so called, China dip. But, this also caused (again) a lot of Media attention towards cryptocurrencies. And media attention means new money coming in. Overall, the growth within this period was  stabile. 

China Dip in the Circle

8th of December to 10th of December 
Bitcoin dropped from his all time high to 13.424USD (14%). While all altcoins stayed stabile. However, a lot of people saw this as a very good moment to enter the cryptocurrency market. 

10th of December - 7th of January
Everybody was happy because of the holidays and people, most of the time, have more money at the end of the year (bonuses etc).
But, one of the most important things, a lot of people are very happy and optimistic during the holidays. So, we saw huge amounts of money entering the market. Untill Bitcoin hitted his all time high at the 17th of December. Only 2 days later, the market crashed from 632 billion to 422 billion on the 22th of December.
After that it shot up to 594 billion again just before christmas. And that was, at that moment, an important event.
As we all know, people talk with each other during the holidays, people share wild adventures and how much money they made. People told that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and showed how fast the dip corrected. They gave all their friends and family faith in cryptocurrencies. So, again, new money entered the market. 

And then, the 7th of January dip came in. A lot of FUD entered the playfield (Korea, Regulations etc.), early investors and new money cashed out. The market corrected to 702 billion in just one day (16%). 

The facts
- Market correction of 16% showed us that the market grew to much in a very short period of time. 
- Bitcoin lost dominance, towards altcoins, just like in June. A lot of new money that is not doing proper research floated in and caused FOMO. 

After the 7th of January  
New money, again entered, and saw the dip as a good moment to make gains. Unluckily for them, new money, that started back in December, freaked and used the  upward-correction (6%) to cut their loses. At the same time, huge investors took no risk and cashed because they knew what FUD can do to the market (remember China, right). 

The facts
- We dropped to 432 billion in only 10 days. That is 48% from all time high, and almost the same as the huge dip that occured in June. Indeed, that 'little' dip that did recovered pretty fast ;-).  

After the June Dip
It took some time but the market did go up again. 

Current situation
Let's hope that the upswing we recognize will be strong

The cryptocurrency market is still very small compared to other markets. Because of this we see a lot of early investors entering the market.
Besides that, we see people searching for quick profits. Not a problem, but if you want to make huge gains fast, you have to do good research and know everything about the market. And that is quite an issue. People who don't know anything about this market just follow the hype. They will invest in projects that gained a lot, and lose their investment, because of people with knowledge. These people enter and exit at the right moment. 

We foresee 2018 will be huge. We hope to see some clear regulations because that will bring stability to the entire market. This is a very good moment to expand your portfolio with the right projects.

But, please, if you don't have the time to research your investments, don't invest. People really need to know how important research is! 

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John Daluso