Bitcoin Will Crash Even More This Year

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One of the best data-researcher in the world, Clif High, talked with the guys from TF Metals Report. As always, his thoughts are very interesting. Clif High predicts that Bitcoin will crash several times this year and that 9 out of 10 blockchain projects will fail. But there is also some good news! :-) 

Who is Clif High?
Clif High is the inventor of WebBot one of the most accurate prediction programs in the world, that researches thousands of different datasets based on search-volume. 

Why do we follow Clif High?
Clif High's datasets are based on search-volume. So, the predictions are based on what people think about and that makes it pretty accurate. For example, Clif High predicted: 

- Trump will be the president of the USA, months before that happened
- Northeast Blackout of 2003
- 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake
- Extreme volumes and growth for XRP

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Clif High Predicts That Bitcoin Will Crash Several Times This Year!

So, Clif High talked over a hour with TF Metals Reports about cryptocurreny. Clif High predicts that this is going to happen this year: 

We will see the same gains as 2017
Clif High's datasets shows that 2018 will have the same gains as 2017. Clif High predicts that the bull market starts in June. Alltough, the gains will be more diversified, because there are a lot more cryptocurrencies. So, investing in the right projects is the key. 

9 out of 10 cryptocurrencies will fail this year
According to Clif High 9 out of the 10 cryptocurrencies will faill because there is no correlation between the project and token.  

Bitcoin is going to crash several times

Clif High earlier predicted that Bitcoin will be worth over 60K at the end of the year. He still thinks this prediction will come out, but Bitcoin will crash several times before the bull run starts. 

He thinks Ripple is crap
Clif High is negative about the code from Ripple and therefore thinks Ripple will have some failure. 

He sees opportunities for gold and silver backed currencies
The datasets are showing that gold and silver backed ICO's can be huge because it stops market manipulation

So, do we need to worry?
No. We, The New Research Group, know that the blockchain is the future and will change our life's forever. However, we also know that is very important to invest in the right projects. Following the hype is very dangerous in this market and a lot of people will lose a lot of money. 

Are you ready to let ten thousand hours of research work for you?

Did you know that only 5% of cryptocurrency investors make profit?
95% fails. The do not have the time to do the right research and make bad decisions every day. All our information is based on good fundamental research, technical analysis and market

John Daluso