This is What The Experts Say About 2018!

All experts agree on the same thing: 2018 will be a big year for cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Their conclusions are based on trend-models, social media sentiment and real-life partnerships that blockchain projects already have. First of all, this is very good to hear! We are not going down :-). 

But, stories always have two sides. Also the experts are sharing critical idea's and concepts that you need to know, IF you want to be successful as a trader or investor. In this report we like to share different views of two well-known experts, and of course our own opinion: 

[ Clif High ] 
Clif High is the inventor of WebBot one of the most accurate prediction programs in the world which predicted for example: 
- Trump will be the president of the USA, months before that happened
- Northeast Blackout of 2003
- 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake
- Extreme volumes and growth for XRP

Clif tells us the projects that will BOOM in 2018 with possible gains over 1000%. 

[ Teeka ]
One of the best cryptocurrency researchers in the world talks about some ground breaking trends in 2018. 

Please, consider this as a must read as you want to make huge profits in 2018! 

And, as a pre-NYE present, we share 14 cryptocurrency projects that will BOOM in 2018! 
We are convinced that these projects will give you gains of over 1000% next year. 

John Daluso