[FREE] Liquidity is a big issue in the cryptocurrency market, but the solution is right around the corner

''Cryptocurrencies are liquid in some pairs, but their liquidity is only accessible to clients of a specific exchange. And while most of the exchanges offer liquidity in certain highly liquid currencies (USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, etc.), there is no convenient and highly-liquid on-ramp into the Crypto world for holders of minor currencies such as CAD, NZD, SGD, PHP, IDR, etc. Separately, each market’s liquidity remains small, but collectively they represent a large untapped source of liquidity that now desperately wants an on-ramp into the Crypto world.'' 

The global stock market countered this problem by having a few markets. You can only buy a specific stock (for example Apple) on a specific market (NASDAQ). Banks trade directly on that market, and you as trader, can buy the stocks via your bank. This results in extremely high liquidity and therefore lower risks and price swings. For big institutional investors this is key, because it is important that they can convert their assets into cash when needed. 

In a brief, the project we are talking about to develop the same market space by bringing all exchanges, banks, traders etc. together. The project will match al trades around the world to find the best fit. Exact trading pairs are not necessary anymore. 

We think, the project we are talking about will be H-U-G-E and will develop a stabile cryptocurrency market. It scores 87 out of 100 in our QuickScan what is really impressive. 

We expect a ROI of 500% within a few months.

John Daluso