[PREMIUM] We trust that our fourth project will gain at least 500% this year

The project we talk about stands for a new era in the financial world backed by blockchain technology. It makes it possible to give out loans without a bank, get insurances without a insurance company and so fort. And the good thing, it’s almost up-and-running and Vitalik Butterin is an advisor to the project just like he is for OMG and Kyber.

We already gave a trade alert on this project a few months ago. Since then it jumped already 300% in price. Altough the project still has a very small marketcap (around 100mio), so there is room to grow. The project has an amazing team and will be HUGE this year. Based on the real life potential we believe a 500% profit is still feasible.

A cool fact, we are in very short contact with the team of this project.

John Daluso