WePower: an introduction 

WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It connects energy buyers (households and investors or market makers) directly with the green energy producers and creates an opportunity to purchase energy upfront at below market rates.

WePower uses energy tokenization to standardize, simplify and open globally the currently existing energy investment ecosystem.

Energy tokenization ensures liquidity and extends access to capital. Moreover, it provides the first access to live trade in renewable energy globally for everyone.

With a possibility to be integrated with IOT for purchase or exchange of energy as a base layer of the digital energy world, WePower will lead decentralized energy transformation

Development of renewable energy is losing terrain because it is mostly depending on subsidies. Also, huge energy companies are less interested in renewable energy because the investments are high, what makes the energy expensive for consumers. WePower develops a platform where you can trade energy directly from the supplier, as well home-owners with solar panels. 

Besides that, WePower, will abe a platform that connects investors to renewable energy projects. This gives investors in renewable energy the chance to sell their energy upfront and using the income to fund their project. This breaks down a lot of (bureaucratic) barriers, what can change the renewable energy era. 

The market share of renewable energy is decreasing because of high investments

The renewable energy market suffers from a lot of issues. 

WePower will disrupt the market by connecting consumers directly to suppliers of renewable energy as well making it possible to fund renewable energy projects via the blockchain. As we all know, this market is dominated by big players, so cutting the importance of the middleman is pretty disruptive. Besides that, 78% of current energy consumption is ´dirty´, if WePower can develop a working platform it can open the gates to green energy. 

The Core-Team of WePower is pretty small and not everybody works fulltime for WePower. Because of this we are not very positive about the team, we like to see dedicated teams with people giving everything for the project. The advisory board of WePower exists of a lot of people from the ´energy' space, bitcoin enthusiasts and investors. We do not see very big names. So, from what we can verify, WePower does not have the most capable team in the world. This highers the risk of failure in a later stadium. 

D. COMPETITORS (80/100) 
WePower competes with other Power Blockchain Projects like PowerLedger. However, the market approach of WePower is different than the other parties. WePower focuss on funding solar projects via the Blockchain first. As this is completed, an they have enough supply, they are going to sell energy directly to consumers via the platform. The biggest advantage of this is that their platform has enough supply before developing a P2P-network instead of a lot of consumers (demand) but no power (supply). 

WePower is, like a lot of ICO's, a whitepaper project. What means that the technology is not working yet. Nor, do they have a prototype or minimum viable product. This means that investing in the ICO is very risky. However, WePower is backed by the Estonia government (confirmed) because the project has a social goal. Also, they signed deals with several companies (confirmed). 

220 Energia
Relative big, company that functions like a retailer in the energy industry. Is interested in WePower's blokchain technolog. 

Conquista Solar
Small company that develop solar panel projects on a big scale. They like to use WePower is a platform to fund new solar projects. So, Conquista Solar will sell energy upfront to fund a solar project.

A company like aboves company, but then with verified operations around the world. We can not find the intentions of thise deal.

Like above, interested in funding their operations. 

NOTE! Selling energy upfront is like crowdfunding, this are expensive-loans and give investors high risks. 

WePower focusses on establishing partnerships with energy suppliers, because it offers volume to potential consumers. We think this is pretty straight forward because partnerships are the key for a good business model. 



Our opinion
The concept of WePower is pretty good, the team did a great job on their marketing and the partnerships are promising. But the biggest risk for WePower is the lack of experience in the team. In our opinion this concept has huge real-life value IF the platform is properly working. Besides that we see huge risks in big players, like Shell, that will going to enter this market. Big companies wait till the technology is working properly and then enter the market with huge investments. Also, we are wondering how the team will make the token sustainable, in a real-life market people need a stabile token instead of huge volatility. However, if you are willing to take some risk, this project is great. If the team can surprise us, WePower can be a big player (just like PowerLedger). 

- Concept 
- Signed Partnerships 
- Backed by government 
- Marketing 
- Team and Advisors 
Value of the token 
- Huge market potential
- Partnerships with governments   
- Fortune-500 companies that will enter
- Failing technology
John Daluso