Zeepin (ZPT)

Zeepin: an introduction 

Zeepin hopes to create a fair and efficient creative ecosystem, which can be understood as a public facility in the blockchain field and has various kinds of tools (dApp) anyone can use. These dApps can solve the problems related to the protection of innovation copyright, remote cooperation, talent recruitment, and project financing. For example, the most fundamental dApp in the Zeepin community is ZeeRights that helps innovators in copyright protection, ensures tradable digital assets, and solves problems from the industrial source.

Platform: NEP-5 Token on NEO

Zeepin aims to create a decentralized creative world, where payments and copyright will be the user cases. Zeepin breaks the project down in several features. The need and opportunities of a creative blockchain is confirmed by a lot of market experts. We also see a lot of potential in the copyright feature of Zeepin, because a lot of content is stolen everyday.

ZeeCrew - A fast, low cost, trustless, distributed way to quickly find team members with the skills necessary to make a project become a reality.
ZeeRights - A blockchain based copyright solution, providing immutable proof that a copyright belongs to the one holding the signature.
ZeeProof - Going hand in hand with the service above, ZeeProof undeniably shows the existence of the copyright, without disclosing copyright contents, greatly reducing change of intellectual property violations from third parties.
ZeeSure Asset Insurance - A “One Stop Shop” for insurance for digital assets, as well as legal consultation. 
ZeeCreate - A creative services matchmaking program, so that people looking for design ideas or services can access such quickly, and without a middleman, making the interaction essentially entirely P2P.
ZeeTalent - A digital identity on the Zeepin platform, which is to match real-world KYC requirements. 
ZeeFund Crowdfunding - The Zeepin foundation (or a 3rd party auditor) will verify a project request for Crowdfunding, and, if approved, will be opened to the community (to pay in ZPT) to
fund the project.

McKinsey confirms that the creative industry can benefit from blockchain. Read it below. 

The project aims to decentralize the creative industry, what is very disruptive. The current market growth falls short because the leading enterprises develop slowly and that the development of medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, organizations, and innovative individuals is limited due to copyright, territory, talent, financing, and other related problems.

The CEO and CSO of Zeepin are also involved by Arting365, a company that has over 1.2 million users in the creative industry. As CEO and former CSO it is likely that Zeepin can access this customer base. Besides the CEO and CSO we don't see any big news from the blockchain industry. As always, we do not say this is a bad thing, but we can not confirm how capable the team is. 

Zhu Fei, CEO – CEO of Arting365 Inc., an existing platform for creative individuals to showcase and network for the past 15 years, CEO of Zeepin Cultural and creating Co. for the past 5 years, and has been the director of Shanghai Top Young Creative Talents Association, Intelligent Manufacturing Part Creative Industry Promotion Center, and Industrial Design Association, with 3 years’ experience total split between the three.

Shenbi Xu, CSO – Former CSO of Arting365 Inc., previous experience rendering strategic services to Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, and experience as Asia-Pacific Head of GE innovation.*

Glovia Gu, COO – Graduated from China Academy of Art, majoring in digital media. Operated 50+ events for brands like Coca-Cola, Adobe, Lenovo, and HP.*

Jason Xu, Senior Developer – Has over 10 years’ experience in technology development, a background in encryption and distributed app development, and will be designing the main architecture of the Zeepin Environment.

D. COMPETITORS (60/100) 
has similarities with Zeepin. Creativechain is a few steps ahead because the are already beta-testing their product and it is tradeable on exchanges. Al tough we are not fully convinced on Creativechain and their team. 

E. The stage of the project (30/100) 
The project does not have a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or proof of concept, Zeepin Chain has to be live in march 2018, but this is only a small part of Zeepin. In December 2019 the project has to be accomplished. This means Zeepin is a whitepaper project what makes it kind of risky because we can not confirm anything. 

Zeepin did not reveal a lot of information about their market approach, only that they are associated with arting365 with a user base of 1.2 million users. 

G. SWOT-analysis (50/100) 

- The project is disruptive
- CEO and CSO with experience in creative market
and a big network of potential users 
- The project is in a niche market 
- We can not confirm the capability of team members
- The project has no MPV or Proof of concept 
- The project has a lot challenges 
- Relative small follower base on social media
- The creative market is huge, so if the project achieve 
their goals it has a lot of potential 
- The creative industry is full of stolen content, what 
gives Zeepin a real-life-problem to solve
- The problem is worldwide so Zeepin is very scalable
- Zeepin is very specific focussing on the creative 
industry, but the described problem can also be 
solved with smart contracts from other contracts
- The project is a whitepaper project without a MPV 
or Proof of concept, it is possible that the first
MVP fails, this will cause a negative market sentiment
- The community will not be able to create buzz, because
they are with to less 
- The team must achieve a lot of things before they
have a working product, this is a big risk 

G. Token Sale Plan (70/100) 
The token sale starts at the 18th of January and ends at the 29th of January.
If you like the project, participate as soon as possible because you will receive a huge bonus.  
Day 1-2: 
30% bonus
Day 3-4: 20% bonus
Day 5-6: 15% bonus
Day 7-8: 10% bonus
Day 9-10: 5% bonus
Day 11-12: 0% bonus

1 NEO = 
500ZPT (+/- 0,27USD/ZPT) 
Hard cap: 700.000 NEO or 87.500.000USD

Project score: 60/100

Short term investor: if you invest early the bonus is okay. When ZPT hits exchanges it most probably will be 0.27USD, so you can make a 30% profit on the first day. But, we do not know when or where ZPT hits exchanges.   
Kind of investment: medium-high risk

Long term investor: The concept of the project is pretty good but also very ambitious. the project must achieve a lot of things before they have a working product. We can not confirm the capability of the team, so we do not know what the odds are. At this moment, we see to many obstacles with a to small team.  
Note: if Zeepin achieves the hardcap of 700.000NEO, they have a huge investment to spend on their product, what will lower the risks. 

Kind of investment: high-risk

John Daluso