Stellar (XLM)

Projects such as Stellar, Ripple and OmiseGO will play a big role in the infrastructure of banks and money transfer between individuals. Stellar is non-profit and their system will connect a lot of complex systems to each other and makes the network faster, cuts costs and increases access to the mass. The Stellar Blockchain is mainly focussing on money transferring between individuals. The Stellar blockchain is promising by focussing on the mass and Stellar already has a partnership with IBM what makes it promising. 

A new infrastructure is really disruptive, so from that point of view is Stellar a big disruptor. If you zoom in in at the Blockchain market era, there are a lot parties who like to change big industries with their technology, including the banking industry. So, yes Stellar is disruptive but not extremely disruptive towards their competitors. 

The team of Stellar looks very capable and has a lot of experience.  Almost all team-members have degrees and one of the members was the founder of Mt. Gox. Also, the advisory board is really good with for example the CEO of Stripe, Founder of and founder of Angelist (Angel Investor who invested in for example Twitter and Uber. 

Part D: COMPETITORS (75/100)
Stellar has several competitors such as Ripple and OmiseGO. A fun fact is that Stellar is a fork of Ripple, so the basics of the Blockchain are the same. Another fun fact is that one of the team members of Stellar is one of the founders of Ripple and Mt. Gox. Stellar is more decentralized than Ripple and focussing on the mass, instead of the banking industry. Ripple has a lot of big banks a board and is, as a company, focussing on profit. Stellar is non-profit what makes it more accessible and partnering up with IBM, what is a big advantage. 
So, as we just look at the numbers Ripple will be probably the biggest of the two. However, both companies have great values in their own way, so we set the score at 75. 

Part E: WHAT IS IN THE CHARTS (70/100)
Stellar was already on a rally this month and that gives us confidence. The partnership with IBM is great an give Stellar a lot of potential. IF, Stellar is going to make some major announcement the price will go up a lot (x2 is plausible). It is just a matter of time. 

Action to take: buy, if Stellar is going to make announcements the price will spike. Stellar is a long-term (HOLD) project! 

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