0x Project

0X project (ZRX)
Put simply, 0x is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade different types of Ethereum-based tokens directly. Decentralized exchanges are getting a lot of attention these days, mainly because they avoid a single point of failure.
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The project can play a big role in the trust-level of cryptocurrencies. A lot of people are afraid of losing all their money when an exchange get hacked, so creating decentralized (the basis of the Blockchain)  exchanges is a big step forward. We don't see 0X becoming an exchange, but we think their technique can be integrated in a lot of business models. In fact, they already has a lot of parties working with their technique (for example Distrix0). 

If we look at Blockchain, and the mission it wants to serve, something decentralized is a must so it's not disruptive. But, at this moment all cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized what makes them an easy target for hackers. This is causing uncertainty by a lot of people. So, IF the 0X product can be integrated by the big exchanges it's really groundbreaking. 

The 0X project has a small team with 8 members. Some of the team members are experienced and have worked at big companies, but overall it's not a team full of senior members. At the other side, we see the Co-founder of Coinbase as Advisor. This gives us confidence. 

Part D: COMPETITORS (70/100)
One of the biggest competitors is AirSwap. The idea of AirSwap is basically the same as the 0X concept, but there are some technical differences. We think the team of AirSwap is more experienced and one of the guys aboard is co-founder of Ethereum, what gives him a great network. At the otherside 0X has more partnerships at the moment and a bigger marketcap.

Part E: WHAT IS IN THE CHARTS (80/100)
There are some strong signals that 0X can breakout soon, please look at our trade call made at the 30th of december 2017. 

There are some questions regarding the need of the oX token, please read it here before doing any invesments! It highers the risks, so we decided to draw 15 points in our QuickTest.