NavCoin (NAV)

Privacy, in the form of encryption, is what allows transactions on the internet to exist. A secure network means you can send payments from one party to another, without having your money get stolen, or your information intercepted, along the way. 

But privacy is about more than just securing your sensitive information. It’s about controlling your information, so that you can choose what to share, and with whom.
Information is power, and the more that is known about you; your beliefs, your connections, who you support, the more power can be held over you — by corporations, governments, hackers, or even just people who dislike you.
To this, some people say “Hey, I’ve got nothing to hide, so I’ve got nothing to fear!”. While this is an understandable attitude, as most people are law-abiding, it’s misguided. To anyone who says that they’ve got nothing to gain from privacy, we suggest a thought experiment:
Imagine if everyone could type in your name and see every website you’ve ever visited, all your bank transactions and any private conversations you’ve had. I would bet that you’ve said things about people that would hurt their feelings, visited websites that your significant other might not approve of, as well as given up so much information that hackers/stalkers/enemies will be able to use against you. It would be hugely damaging to your social identity. This is why privacy is important for everyone, especially the law-abiding, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. And it’s why we think that the more privacy you can choose to exert over your affairs, the better it is for everyone.
There is an immense amount of data in the blockchain, and as the industry grows with ever more payment/app information, there is a considerable incentive for big companies (such as Google & Facebook) to get involved and track even more of your personal data. Blockchain analysis tools are getting more advanced by the day, and political situations in countries will never stay static. The future is impossible to predict, everything can happen. This is the main reasons why privacy coins are hot.

Nav Coin aims to give people a democratic choice to make their financial transactions private. Privacy on the blockchain is hot, this trend will continue to grow true out 2018.

The team of NAV looks capable and has experience. Almost all team-members have degrees and multiple of the members have experience with blockchain projects. Also, the advisory board is solid. Two members who are respected in the crypto space.

Part D: COMPETITORS (60/100)
Nav Coin’s Navtech system is a world class anonymous transaction suite and the first of its kind. It uses an innovation in blockchain technology to solve the inherent problems of using a public ledger while staying true to the principles of cryptocurrency. NAV has several serious competitors such as: Monero, Dash, Verge, Zcash and PIVX. All projects are valued allot more.

Part E: WHAT IS IN THE CHARTS (80/100)
NAV was founded in 2014, and flying under the radar until 2016. From the end of 2017 NAV is focusing on a wider marketing strategy. They have added marketing experts and have enlarged the marketing budget with 75%. The value off NAV will benefit from this. We do not exclude a market cap off 1 billion the coming year. That is a tremendous jump, of at least 500%. There are other privacy projects as well but most are not as undervalued like NAV. All the establish privacy projects have a market cap of minimal of 1 billion USD.

PrivacyJohn Daluso