The current cryptocurrency market space experiences liquidity problems.

''Cryptocurrencies are liquid in some pairs, but their liquidity is only accessible to clients of a specific exchange. And while most of the exchanges offer liquidity in certain highly liquid currencies (USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, etc.), there is no convenient and highly-liquid on-ramp into the Crypto world for holders of minor currencies such as CAD, NZD, SGD, PHP, IDR, etc. Separately, each market’s liquidity remains small, but collectively they represent a large untapped source of liquidity that now desperately wants an on-ramp into the Crypto world.'' 

The global stock market countered this problem by having a few markets. You can only buy a specific stock (for example Apple) on a specific market (NASDAQ). Banks trade directly trading on that market, and you as trader, can buy the stocks via your bank. This results in extremely high liquidity and therefore lower risks and price swings. For big institutional investors this is key, because for them it is important that they can convert their assets into cash when needed. 

In a brief, QUOINE is aiming to develop the same market space by bringing all exchanges, banks, traders etc. together. QUOINE will match al trades around the world, on all exchanges, to find the best fit. Exact trading pairs are not necessary anymore. 

For example: 
You like to sell your ETH to EUR
Someone else likes to buy BTC with USD
The QUOINE system recognize that it is the best fit to convert USD into EUR first via a bank, and then trades the ETH to BTC via an exchange. 

This will result in real liquidity, what is one of the most important things for smart money (for example instutional investors) to enter a market.  

The technology behind QUOINE is very complex, please read their full whitepaper if you are interested. 

Price at moment of writing 



The importance of Liquidity is nothing new. The cryptocurrency market is still not liquid enough for big investors to step in. They see huge price swings making investments to risky. This is also one of the main reasons why people are talking about ''bubbles''.
So, developing a system that brings all assets together resulting in real liquidity is extremely important and extremely disruptive. QUOINE can really be a big step for the cryptocurrency market. 

The Liquid by QUOINE team exist of 60 people and is the most experienced we have seen around. Most of the people have worked in senior positions at big banks around the world. This brings a lot of experience, what lowers the risk tremendously. 

Some of key-figures of the team
Mike Kayamori, Co-founder / CEO Mike was a Senior Vice President at SoftBank Group, managing its Asia operations and investments with SingTel and Bharti Group.
Mario Gomez Lazado Mario was the Japan Chief Information Officer and Head of Fixed Income IT Asia at Credit Suisse (CS).
Katsuya Konno Katsu spent close to eight years at SoftBank Group. In his time at SoftBank, Katsu worked on many large M&A and venture deals worth over USD60 billion, including the acquisition of Sprint (US mobile carrier)

The advisory board and investors of QUOINE is even capable and experienced as the team
Masaaki Tanaka, Board Director, QUOINE
Current position: Senior Global Advisor Price Waterhouse Coopers International

Shin Murakami, Investor, QUOINE
Current position: Executive Vice President & Chief Mobile OfficerYahoo! Japan

Please check out all the information about the team over here: https://liquid.plus/

D. COMPETITORS (90/100) 
QUOINE is competing with companies like Bancor, Omega One, Exchange Union and Salt. QUOINE is ahead of all these companies because of a few things: 
- The core team of QUOINE is extremely experienced with roots (and former positions) by big banks and companies in the financial sector. This brings experience and a proven network to the company. 
- The core product is already build and tested
- QUOINE is regulated by the Japanese government  
- Their auditor is a ''BIG4'' auditor

The biggest advantage of QUOINE are the backgrounds of team-members in the banking sector and that the Japanese Government back them - what in fact is huge in the crypto space. 

Qash hitted exchanges at 0,48USD. The current value is around 2USD after a rise of 15%.
This gives Qash a huge marketcap already, but we think Qash can follow Ripple in price because of the real-life value, by setting up a stabile market, QUOINE has. 

At this moment, the current price is not relevant if you are a long-term investor.


Our opinion
We think QUOINE is one of the best cryptocurrency projects around. The QUOINE architecture can develop a safe market, where the best trades can be made via all kinds of resources. This will result in a safer environment for traders and big investors. If the system does his job it will be groundbreaking and change the crypto market forever.