Odyssey (OCN)

´Odyssey’s mission is to build the next generation decentralized sharing economy peer-to-peer ecosystem. Odyssey aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the global sharing economy & peer-to-peer ecosystem.

Using blockchain smart contract as well as AI and big data, Odyssey will empower the ecosystem with below revolution:

One credit/trust-based protocol for all Odyssey ecosystem players.'

Or in Human Language: Odyssey aims to be the one stop-protocol/platform for the sharing economy. 

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The Internet had its genesis as a tool for sharing information, and its earliest iterations served only select scientific and military communities. Over time, it became the World Wide Web, incorporating the power of peer-to-peer networking. It’s not just information that’s shared today – it’s just about everything. It might be a ride across town, or across the continent. Travelers share their homes, investors share their ideas and anyone with high-value assets or skills is able to make them accessible, for a price, to a global marketplace – as part of the sharing economy. However, the sharing economy is not yet interconnected. Every industry has its own central node, its own rules and mechanisms, its own user information and transaction information. This current state of affairs is against the original principle of sharing everything and connecting everything. Odyssey aims to be the decentralized blockchain protocol that will be the platform for the sharing economy. With a blockchain like Odyssey, you do not need Uber and AirBNB anymore. Now, you maybe think: Uber is cool right? Yes, it is, but current platform has tremendous power over service providers. Drivers pay up to 25% in commission. With a decentralised blockchain protocol, costs will decrease, your information is safer and everybody has the chance to earn a fair dollar. Current sharing economy proves that there is enough demand, blockchain will make it even better. 

The project is extremely disruptive due to the fact that it will redesign the current sharing economy
- Everything can be shared
- Data is yours
- Incentives for contributing to ODYSSEY
- Non-monopoly
- Autonomous

The current sharing economy is powered by huge middlemen like Uber and AirBNB, what gives them an extreme level of power. In a situation where the sharing economy is decentralised, the power is to the people. People and companies can easily monetize their sharing-products simply plugging in on the ODYSSEY protocol. ODYSSEY will create a sharing economy without intermediaries.  

The team consists of some serious people that know how to do business. Owner Yi Shi also founded DotC (known from Avazu), that he sold several years later for 300 million dollars. Yi Shi is mentioned several times by Forbes Asia's 30 under 30. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, is involved in the project as an advisor. Other great advisors are Aaron Ton, CEO of Carro, the biggest car marketplace in South East Asia, Samuel Chan VP of Temasek, Lijie Wang former VP of ING and founding partner of PreAngel Fund. We can say, there are definitely some seniors aboard of the project. Seniors bring a huge network into a project. This gives the project a very high possibility to accomplish their goals.  

Origin Protocol is a similar project as ODYSSEY. Origin also aims to create a decentralised sharing economy without intermediaries. Origin can be real competition in the future with already some partnerships but is not tradeable yet (in fact, their pre-sale is not live yet). Besides that, the team of Origin is less-senior than ODYSSEY's team. 

The token of ODYSSEY Ocoin (OCN) is already integrated with the oBike App. With oBike users can use thousands of bikes in the city (Singapore), use it and put it back wherever and whenever they want. The usage will be charged in minutes. This gives the ODYSSEY token already real-life use case, something that is really important to blockchain projects. Before October 2018 ODYSSEY will launch their credit-based universal protocol and rewarding mechanism. The ecosystem will be completed in 2019. At the end of 2021 ODYSSEY will be fully functional. 

F. CONCLUSION (84/100) 
We believe that ODYSSEY can one of the big blockchain projects that will succeed in changing things forever. A decentralised sharing economy where the power is to the people is the future. Projects with real life use cases and demand can make this possible. ODYSSEY can be one of these protocols. 

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