DragonChain (DRGN)

Dragonchain originated in 2014 as part of The Walt Disney Company’s Open Source Project. Open source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available.
Founded by CEO Joe Roets, Dragonchain officially went open-source in 2016. It’s now run by the Dragonchain Foundation.
Roets’ goal is to build Dragonchain Inc. into a commercial business that helps other companies start quickly and easily using blockchain technology.
Dragonchain’s ecosystem includes a blockchain protocol, a commercial marketplace, and an incubator to launch new projects.
Dragonchain’s protocol is turnkey and scalable. It also enables smart contract development using many popular programming languages.
Dragonchain also has a unique feature: All of its smart contracts have access to Amazon web services. And the entire ecosystem runs on the DRGN token. Per Roets, protection of business assets will be one of the main use cases for Dragonchain. Italian fine art website Look Lateral and identity security company LifeID are already using Dragonchain. Look Lateral plans to record ownership of art assets on the blockchain. And LifeID will use Dragonchain to build a secure identity platform. 
With a blockchain, marketplace, and incubator, many companies will seek out Dragonchain to implement their projects, so the real life value of this projects is HUGE. 

Data exposure and security is a known issue to large institutions wanting to leverage blockchain technology, as they typically have very sensitive customer data that sometimes has regulatory or legal risks associated (e.g. banking, health, identity, etc.). The data exposure risk can be somewhat alleviated by either obfuscation or separation, however, in both cases, this requires extra design and development work up front, as well as reduces somewhat the utility of the blockchain   system   itself. DragonChain offers a ready-to-go blockchain that businesses can use or build their development on, but the DragonCahin platform can also be used to fund a new blockchain project (incubator) just like NEO and Ethereum. 

A so far generally unrecognized risk in the use of blockchain technology is that associated with the public exposure of smart contract logic as necessary on most blockchain platforms.  The smart contract is exposed and transparent which means that the team must implement very sensitive proprietary business logic in a separate system.

Dragonchain is one of the first projects that has started working on this challenge. We must admit, they have had an head-start compared to their competitors. Especially now with the recent trade alert of PBC.

Its a typical American dream team. With enough A star players onboard to win the world series (in the WEST of the world). Most of the team members worked in key functions. Joe Roets the CEO is a well know software development architect from the west coast. 

Joe   Roets    -   CEO   /   Principal   Architect   /   Vision
Dragonchain   Foundation,   Disney,   Lockheed   Martin,   FBI,   DoD,   Symbiont,   Overstock   :   25+ Years   Software   Development   Design   and   Architecture.

George   Sarhanis    -   Chief   Business   Officer   /   Business   Strategist   /   Partnering
Dragonchain   Foundation,   Digital   Ventures   Group,   Big   Fish   Games,   Sega   of   America, Googlet   :   17+   Years   Business   Management,   Strategy,   Finance,   Partnerships

Brandon   Kite    -   Lead   Developer
Open   Source Dragonchain   Foundation,   Disney

Dylan   Yelton    -   Developer 
Dragonchain   Foundation,   Disney

Alex   Benedetto    -   Developer
Dragonchain   Foundation,   Disney

Chin-One   Chan       -   Marketing   Manager   Asia   /   Evangelist
Microsoft   Corporation,   Buzz   Bee   Marketing,   8ninths,   Accessor   Capital,   Potomac   Capital

Sabrina   Gasson    -   Marketing   Manager   Europe   /   Evangelist
Kuju   Entertainment,   Testronic   Labs,   Konami   Digital,   Big   Fish   Games

Mike   Grabham    -   Incubation   Lead
Start-up   Grind   NW   Chapter   Director,   Start-IT   TV   Host,   Founder   of   multiple   successful start-ups

Chelsea   Anderson    -   General   Counsel 
GSB   Law,   Seattle   WA   US

Scott   Warner    -   IP   Attorney 
GSB   Law,   Seattle   WA   US

Ethereum an existing and open blockchain that is the fundament of a lot of ICO's. The Ethereum platform offers the technology where developers can build on. 
NEO is in a brief, like Ethereum, founded in China. The main difference of NEO is that developers can use common code-languages. 
VeChain VeChain is also a blockchain for businesses. We can regard VeChain as a competitor of the DragonChain platform, all tough VeChain is more focussing on ready-to-go Blockchain solutions that they adjust to a specific business, instead of giving businesses the opportunity to develop on top of the blockhain. 

DragonChain has a lot of common with their competitors, but the DragonChain blockchain is combining all the propositions into three products. This is a big advantage and can attract a lot of businesses. It is also a huge advantage that DragonChain is backed by Disney.  
A) A ready to go blockchain where you can build on (platform): Ethereum/NEO
B) A platform to fund new blockchain projects (incubator): Ethereum/NEO
C) A marketplace of pre-built blockchains (Marketplace): VeChain  

we categorize Dragonchain as a long-term project. 

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Our opinion
The Dragonchain team will launch Dragonchain, Inc., as a commercial entity to provide an array of products and services to the community. The vision of the team supports areas of the market that are underserved with strong demand and projected growth in the blockchain industry ($7.7b by 2023) across an array of multi-billion dollar sectors such as Arts, Wine, Automotive, Legal, Digital Marketing, etc. These sectors and more will experience market disruption with blockchain capabilities shifting the value proposition into decentralized environments. Dragonchain platform can definitely support those needs.

We think Dragonchain can gain 10x in value this year.