Smart Trader Program©

Ideal for people who need some guidance in these extreme volatile market.

Starting at 25USD a month. 

Goal: let money work for you!
How: using powerful research
For: everybody with interest in the cryptocurrency market 

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How long is the plan? 

You can stop the plan whenever you like*, but we advise you to follow our research for at least 6 months. You then have a better and brighter view of the cryptocurrency market. 

Are there any risks?
Investing always have risks. But, we will never advise scams, ICO's with to high risks or teams without real-life value. Because of that, and because we study the market full time, our risks are much lower than when you do your own research. 

With how much money do I need to start?
Whatever you like! We have clients with a portfolio of 50USD up to portfolios of 125.000USD. You can make money investing in cryptocurrencies with all amounts of start capital.  

Why do I become a better investor?
Because you receive insights you only have if you investigate markets on a structural and objective way with proven methods. This take hours in study, research, calls and travelling. 

*your plan stops when your period ends. If you choose a week plan, the plan ends after a week. If you choose a year plan, the plan ends at the end of the year. 


You know how much time this market costs. 

If you have some experience in the cryptocurrency market you know how much time it costs to follow the market. Time you do not have. Pretty ironic, because proper research is the most important thing before investing your hard earned money in blockchain projects. We full time research the market and follow all experts. You can take advantage of this. On a daily base participants in our Smart Trader Program get updates, in-depth opinions and recommendations. We filter all the unnecessary news and tell you what is really happening in the market. You will never chase a hype anymore. 

Do you recognize yourself?

- You know cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the next big thing
- You have a busy life and don't have the time to full time research this market
- You like to have daily relevant updates on the market without reading tens of websites
- You like to have an objective view on market events

Why we can help you

- We full-time research the cryptocurrency market  
- We never chase hypes  
- All our decisions are based on market research that follows proven research methods
- We have contact with team members of the best blockchain projects around
- We are already in this market since 2013
- We bought Bitcoin at 100USD and Ethereum at 2USD

This is what you get

- Access to our Smart Trader Program; 
- Daily in-depth opinions and updates on the market
- 2 times a month a coin recommendation based on in-depth research
- ongoing updates on recommendations we gave  
- Access to all our reports including fundamental analysis, recommendations and ICO reviews
- Access to our knowledge base

What will our information bring you?

- A better investment strategy
- Better knowledge
- The best information that will help you making the right decisions
- A bright view during bullish, but also, bearish markets.