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About The New Research Group

The New Research Group exists of three guys that started with Blockchain investments back in 2012. At that moment we worked in huge companies with a lot of bureaucracy what showed us the huge opportunities of blockchain technology. We invested hours and hours in researching the market every single day and started with some small (long-term) investments. After some good profits we decided to go all-in on this industry. 

Almost 6 years later, we can say we are truly experienced. We like to share our information with people that are, like us, blockchain enthusiastics. People who see the real-life value of blockchain and are willing to invest in their own future freedom. 


´´Quality content is the key to success in this market´´

Fundamental Analysis
We write fundamental analysis about blockchain projects (as well ICO´s) based on proven business models. These kind of information is very important to you, as an investor.  

Trade Alerts
We send out several Trade Alerts a week based on TA, fundamental analysis and expert opinions. We only send Trade Alerts on projects we have faith in. Quality before quantity.  

Market updates and opinions
Of course, we follow the market and give you updates and opinions when it is necessary. Market knowledge is extremely important if you invest in a market like this.

Talk with us, every day
As a Premium Member you have the opportunity to talk with us. We answer all your questions regarding to blockchain and your portfolio. 

The New Research Group is like an one-stop-shop for all necessary information in the cryptocurrency era. 

Any questions? Please send us an e-mail:

This is why we are awesome.

Our Premium Members have access to our Premium Dashboard where they find the best information based on fundamentals, TA and market updates. 


Profitable Trade Alerts

Our Trade Alerts are based on TA and Fundamental Analysis and give you the opportunity to gain 20-300% per call. 

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Fundamental Analysis

We do fundamental analysis on promising projects. Fundamental analysis save you a lot of time and give you confidence before investing in a project. 


Ready to follow portfolios 

Based on our fundamental analysis we developed ready-to-follow portfolio's. The only thing you need to do is investing in these projects. 

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Market rumors & Updates

We share market updates, rumors and our opinion you can profit from!