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Name: Joshua  
Age: 27
Occupancy: Student
Started with: 500 USD
Product: Smart Trader Program

Why did you start?    
I did spent hours on research everyday, and did not know what was good and what was nonsense. 


Name: Benjamin   
Age: 32
Occupancy: Administrator
Started with: 15.000 USD
Product: My Portfolio Plan

Why did you start?    
If I do investments I need to have the right, filtered information. 
Research that is objective without the purpose to manipulate the market. 


Name: Chanel    
Age: 29
Occupancy: Account Manager
Started with: 2000 USD
Product: Smart Trader Program

Why did you start?    
I am one of the girly geeks that is interested in blockchain technology. But after I started a new job, I did not have the time to study hours a day.